Gerrard and the penile accident, the former Liverpool doctor: “I had to mend it”

The former Liverpool social doctor recalled when Steven Gerrard had to mend his penis after a game fight in 2014.

Andrew Massey , a former Liverpool doctor, in his latest interview revealed a background about a very particular injury that occurred to Gerrard .

The former Liverpool captain in fact during a match against Bournemouth valid for the FA Cup in 2014 remedied a bad wound to the penis.

A problem that forced Massey to intervene to say the least difficult:

"Nowhere they teach you how to sew a penis."

The story of the episode

An episode that Gerrard related in his autobiography :

“My penis was cut and then stitched up on an unromantic afternoon.

I tried to close an opponent, but I felt a burning in the private parts.

It was burning a lot, I had a hole right in the middle. There was a lot of blood.

I needed four points and the guys had to get busy. "

Gerrard also ironically told:

“I was afraid of having to say goodbye to an old friend.

I noticed that not even dr. Massey felt too comfortable.

But it did a good job. I felt no pain when he gave me the points, four as expected. " (source SUN )

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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