Germany, the Saarbrücken fairy tale: from Serie D to the cup semifinal against Bayern

Saarbrücken: dalla Serie D alla semifinale di coppa contro il Bayern

Saarbrücken: from Serie D to the cup semi-final against Bayern (freeze frame from YouTube)

SAARBRUCKEN (GERMANY) – The Saarbrücken dream continues. The Serie D team eliminated the Düsseldorfeldorfer Turn- und Sportverein Fortuna 1895 and qualified for the German Cup semifinals where they will face Bayern Munich . In short, the "cinderella" of German football has caught the strongest team in the history of Germany. But waiting for Davide against Goliath, in the Saarbrücken house it's still time for celebrations …

Saarbrücken qualified for the German Cup semi-finals after beating Fortuna Dusseldorf on penalties. The best on the pitch was Daniel Batz, goalkeeper, born in 1991. The Saarbrücken defender saved a penalty kick to his opponents during the regular time. Also thanks to his miraculous save, the game ended on penalties against all odds.

At this point, the team that had everything to lose was Fortuna Dusseldorf and so it was. The German Serie D team easily won on penalties against Fortuna thanks to Daniel Batz's miraculous saves.

The goalkeeper of the Serie D team, after having saved the penalty during regular times, also saved four penalties in the final series giving the semi-final against Bayern Munich to his team (YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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