Germany. Bundesliga mail to clubs: “Do not reveal any positivity to Covid”

ROME – Decisive hours for German football, and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge sees the restart of the Bundesliga closer and closer.

"Of course, we will have to provide game after game proof that we will act in an exemplary and respectful way, but we will live up to our responsibilities," says the former Inter and German national champion, currently CEO of Bayern Munich.

To the eye, however, an email from the Bundesliga delivered to the clubs does not seem to be inspired by exemplary behavior.

Black on white there is an indication not to reveal any employee coronavirus positivity.

"Do not report positive cases to covid-19 , we recommend refraining from making public statements," reads the email intercepted by the newspaper Kicker.

The teams at the time publicly reported on the health of the players, the training has already started again.

The Frankfurt Eintracht last Saturday announced on Twitter that the second 48-hour test series produced only negative results.

The Cologne , on the other hand, had reported the positivity of two players and a staff member.

"All tests conducted by a private laboratory were negative," added the club as if to justify itself.

The sign that not everything goes smoothly, also because the flag-waving safety is not accepted by everyone as a dogma: the players are reflecting on it.

With the vague but bitter feeling that their category is by definition the expendable one to resume the show and the business of the ball. (source Kicker)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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