Georgina Rodriguez, a troubled week between court and funeral

Georgina Rodriguez, settimana tormentata tra tribunale e funerale

Georgina Rodriguez, a troubled week between court and funeral

ROME – Nightmare week for Georgina Rodriguez between the court in Madrid, where her team mate Cristiano Ronaldo was sentenced to a fine taxed by the Spanish tax authorities, and the funeral of his father Jorge in Buenos Aires. On January 22nd, Georgina accompanied Cristiano Rolando to the Madrid court . The champion of Juventus reached an agreement with the tax authorities and was sentenced to pay a fine of 19 million euros and a sentence of two years in prison. According to the agreement, the former Real Madrid player will avoid jail after the declaration of guilt for 4 tax offenses.

Four days later, on January 26, Georgina received the sad news of the death of her father Jorge Eduardo Rodríguez Gorjón in his home town, Buenos Aires, at 70, following the consequences of a cerebral ischemia that had struck him two years ago. The next day, Georgina was already in the Argentine capital. Cristiano Ronaldo's partner shared a photo on Instagram on her birthday writing the following caption: "Casuality of life, I landed in Buenos Aires the same day and at the same time of my birth 25 years ago. Fate capricious darling Buenos Aires ". A rather bitter message where one sensed that it was not a pleasure trip.

A few hours later, Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to express his closeness to the partner through the same platform, Instagram. Cr7 wrote: "Congratulations to the most wonderful woman God can put on my path" and gave condolences to Georgina for the disappearance of her father. Soon after, he published another update completely changing the subject: "I immerse myself in the hot tub, I need to recover in view of the next match against Juventus".

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Felicidades a la mujer más maravillosa que Dios pudo poner en mi camino ❤

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Recovery time. Good night everyone!

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The complicated relationship between Georgina and her father and his death after a long agony

Almost three years have passed since Jorge Rodriguez, father of Georgina, had a stroke caused by an embolism. Stroke reduced him in serious condition, from difficulty in speaking to paralysis on the left side of his body. From that moment, a long agony began for the Argentine until the moment of his recent death. Jorge lived the last three years of his life in bed, under the care of his sister Estrela, an aunt of Georgina, and a carer paid thanks to the money sent each month to Argentina by Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend.

For many years, Georgina had no contact with her father because her mother Ana María Hernández, Jorge's second wife, had separated from her husband ten years ago in a stormy fashion and had closed all communication with him. Before the birth of Georgina, Jorge had married Maria Jesus, also a deceased, and had another daughter, Patricia Estrela, in 1987. The existence of this daughter was secret and the media had never talked about it until last September.

The trouble with Georgina's father's justice

After a football career in Argentina with the Racing Avellaneda jersey, Jorge moved to Spain to start his coaching career. His first Spanish city was Elche, where he met and married his first wife Maria Jesus. After filing his first marriage, he moved from Elche to Huesca. Here he found love and work. He married his second wife Anna Maria Hernandez and was hired by Jacetano, a club that militated in the first regional division of Spanish football.

From her marriage with Anna Maria Hernandez two daughters were born, Ivana Maria and Georgina. Since the coaching appointment was not enough to live, the wife opened a restaurant, specializing in burgers, in the Pyrenees area. Jorge was divided between field and restaurant. He was present every day and helped his wife manage the business. Despite the couple's efforts, the business was not going well and the restaurant was forced to close just over a year later.

At that point it started raining in the wet for Josè because the first legal grains were added to the economic problems. In 2009, Georgina's father was sentenced to six years in prison for "a crime against the public goodbye". Jorge was taken to the prison of Zuera, province of Zaragoza but the family, with the help of lawyers, managed to get a reduction of the sentence from six to four years and to have it transferred first to the prison of Murcia and then to another center penitentiary in the province of Alicante, in Villena.

After serving three years in prison, Cristiano Ronaldo's father-in-law was extradited to Argentina where he lived the rest of his life. Last weekend, he died in Buenos Aires. Now it is up to his daughters, Georgina and Ivana, to decide where to bury his remains.

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