George Floyd, Boateng talks about racism: “The police stop me in the car for no reason”

ISTANBUL (TURKEY) – Kevin Prince Boateng also joins the debate on the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis policeman.

In reality, the former Milan footballer, who now plays in Istanbul with Besiktas, has been fighting racism for years .

During an interview with Sky Sports, he revealed that he was subjected to the same treatment as many African Americans in the United States.

You don't have to be hypocritical, in several states in the United States, where Trump has an overwhelming majority, the police only stop black people .

Not only that, these policemen provoke African Americans who stopped in search of their reaction to incriminate them.

Such experiences have also happened in Boateng.

The statements made by the former Barcelona player are reported by

“People change sides when I walk on the sidewalk, they look at me amused when I'm in the car.

The police stop me for no reason, it happens many times.

Probably because they see a black guy with tattoos and a nice car and think he's a criminal.

When I was young I tried to ignore the racist insults I suffered.

I cried, went home, said nothing.

I was a coward.

I wasn't strong enough.

I am now.

I hated the world and wanted to show that they would never bring me down.

After what I went through, after what I sacrificed. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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