Genoa-Rome, the penalty is a mystery. Why did he kick Sanabria for Criscito? Prandelli’s explanation

Genoa-Roma, il rigore è un giallo. Perché ha calciato Sanabria al posto di Criscito? La spiegazione di Prandelli

Genoa-Rome, the penalty is a mystery. Why did he kick Sanabria for Criscito? Prandelli's explanation. Photos ANSA / SIMONE ARVEDA

GENOA – Genoa-Roma ended on a 1-1 score because Mirante saved a penalty kick from Sanabria at 95 '. When the penalty was awarded, the Genoa fans expected Criscito to kick him, also indicated by Prandelli as the team's first penalty taker, but Sanabria showed up on the spot.

Genoa-Rome, Prandelli: "The rigorist is Criscito but they will have agreed".

Prandelli spoke of the rigor on Sky Sport microphones. His statements are reported by Gianluca Di Marzio on his website.

"The first rigorist is Criscito. Instead, when Sanabria was the owner, it was him. But then he kills who he feels. But talking about the episode of rigor is a wound that hurts. We are talking about the performance that has taken place, we are still in the race "." The strength we have come up with today comes from the fact that these guys have been working for months with desire and determination. We worked from this point of view. Right now the team is solid, in other games they lost a little confidence after we went down. We will play it in the last 3 games ”.

Genoa-Rome, Ranieri: "It's a pity we didn't win but we don't give up".

"Too bad, because we needed the three points, but we don't give up": so, on Sky Sport's microphones, the Roma coach, Claudio Ranieri comments on the Giallorossi's draw at Genoa at the Luigi Ferraris stadium. His statements are reported by Ansa.

"They were good at never giving up. It was a very difficult game and we knew it – the words of the coach – Too bad about that corner kick, we were surprised. Romero is already at the fourth goal in these situations when the ball is still. We were shielding him but he managed to stay alone and jump out of his head ”.

The Genoa-Rome article , the penalty is a thriller. Why did he kick Sanabria for Criscito? Prandelli's explanation seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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