Genoa, Prandelli gaffe: “We can not talk about fi * a” VIDEO

Genoa, Prandelli che gaffe: "Non possiamo parlare di fi*a" VIDEO

Genoa, Prandelli gaffe: "We can not talk about fi * a" VIDEO

GENOA – "We must be able to quickly remove all the negative thoughts, go to the head and do what we have to do, even risking. We must not speak of f * ca, sorry for bad luck, but we must be good at tackling every situation by playing our football ". So Cesare Prandelli, a new Genoa coach, is projected towards his debut against Spal.

"I want a union of intent and that the team is following us with conviction – he added -. Module? I am not thinking of numbers, but of giving a message of relative tranquility. We know what we have to do, if we are all compact and have the same kind of thinking during the match ". The technician will also be able to count on the league top scorer: "The offensive capital is very interesting and can potentially do more. This is a team with many young people and I love to capitalize. Here I found so many very interesting players, I just have to understand how to make them grow ".

"It's like going back to pedaling, the problem is that now you can not stop". Cesare Prandelli summarizes the return to a club team in Italy after 8 years of absence. "When the president called me after the Italian Cup match I felt a strong emotion. We must immediately make a great game and put all the energies into play. I hope I can help the team find the right path, not only technical but also mental balance. I am convinced that we will be united with our Gradinata ".

For Cesare Prandelli that of today is not only the day of the presentation, but especially the eve of the match against Spal. "I told the guys there is little time to try and change. But we will try to change attitude, especially trying to change some situations. Two in particular, but I will not tell you. I hope, however, to see these small changes already ".
Prandelli demonstrates that he has carefully studied the opponent.

"Spal has changed a lot compared to last season, before it was more aggressive. This year they also build game, looking for depth with the exteriors – he said -. I do not want players that go out of time, but a compact team. My idea is that if you decide to attack, the whole team must attack in unison. You do not have to be dogmatic in the game system, but have the ability to read the games ". The coach does not reveal the choices but will not affect the extra time in the Italian Cup.

Genoa, Prandelli gaffe: "We can not talk about fi * a"

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