Genoa, a beach towel with the words “Preziosi vattene”: the PHOTO

Genoa, telo da mare con scritta "Preziosi vattene": la FOTO

Genoa, beach towel with the words "Preziosi vattene": the FOTO Ansa

GENOA – Endless protest by the Genoa fans against Enrico Preziosi. The latest novelty is represented by a beach towel created specifically to show off on the beach. On the canvas, strictly white but with rossoblù edges, the word ' Preziosi Vattene ' stands out clearly in order to avoid misunderstanding.

The image quickly became viral, amplifying the now incurable fracture between the Genoa fans and the Rossoblu patron who for weeks has entrusted Assietta with the task of looking for potential buyers for the oldest club in Italy.
Meanwhile Preziosi is working to revolutionize the team that saved itself only on the last day.

Calciomercato Genoa, Barreca returns to Italy and chooses the rossoblù.

Good news on the market front. Medical visits this morning for the outside Antonio Barreca who arrives at Genoa on loan with the right of redemption. Already pursued for a long time last January, the former 24-year-old Torino player has returned from a lackluster season divided between the French of Monaco and the English of Newcastle.
Barreca is thus adding to the other purchases already made official in these first days of the market: Pinamonti, Jaroszynski, Zapata and Gumus.

Genoa, renewed positions in the club.

Revolution in the field but also behind the desks at Genoa. After the appointment of the new coach Aurelio Andreazzoli and the departure of the general manager Giorgio Perinetti the rossoblù company announced some new appointments.

Confirmed the two highest positions, Enrico Preziosi as president and Alessandro Zarbano as ad, the appointment of Stefano Capozucca, manager of the sports area as well as sports director, was also made official.

New assignment instead for Flavio Riciardella, already administrative manager, who was appointed corporate general manager. The board of directors and general secretary Diodato Abagnara (source: Ansa) round off the executive executives.

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