Gaucci is dead, the despair of Cosmi and Materazzi: “We are upset”

Gaucci è morto, la disperazione di Cosmi e Materazzi: "Siamo sconvolti"

Luciano Gaucci was the president who launched Serse Cosmi in football that matters. The coach trained Perugia from 2000 to 2004 (photo Ansa)

PERUGIA – "I am really upset": so Serse Cosmi current Perugia manager, reached by telephone by ANSA, on the death of Luciano Gaucci. In a message on whatsapp Cosmi responded by expressing his pain and explaining that he prefers not to comment on the news immediately. Cosmi was called for the first time to lead Perugia precisely by Gaucci in 2000, where he remained until 2004.

“I will never be grateful enough to you and your family. Thanks for everything. After you the NOTHING in Perugia ": it is the heartfelt memory, via social media, of Marco Materazzi at the news of the disappearance of Luciano Gaucci, his former president at the time of Perugia, of which the former blue was captain.

Luciano Gaucci was also remembered by Francesco Ghirelli and Massimiliano Santopadre.

“When the news of Luciano Gaucci's death arrives, the thought goes to the years spent with him in Perugia. With him I started my adventure in football and I owe it, as I always did, to thank ”. Francesco Ghirelli, today president of the pro league, remembers Gaucci, who passed away at 81 years old. “Then the thought – adds Ghirelli – goes to the pain of his sons Alessandro and Riccardo, then splendid boys and today real men. Dear Luciano, rest in peace ”.

“Great protagonist of the history of the Italian club and football. Hi Luciano! ". Massimiliano Santopadre, the current president of Perugia Calcio playing in Serie B, was among the very first to remember Luciano Gaucci, the historic red and white president who died at the age of 81 after a long illness.

Through the official website of the club, Sanropadre spoke of Gaucci recalling "his vision, his courage, his charisma" that "will remain forever etched in the hearts of the red and white fans and our glorious club". (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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