Gattuso chases Lozano out of Napoli’s training, in the past it was Allan’s turn

NAPLES – Strong manners resurrected Napoli leading him to the Italian Cup final , so Gattuso decided to punish Lozano.

The Calabrian technician saw the Mexican train listlessly and for this reason he sent him directly to take a shower.

In the past, Gattuso had reserved the same treatment to Allan , a footballer who, not surprisingly, ended up on the margins of the Napoli technical project.

Gattuso demands maximum effort in training and does not tolerate any drop in tension.

Lozano had started the season with a goal for Juventus, but afterwards he showed practically nothing.

And this is very serious because the Mexican had been the great blow of Napoli's transfer market.

The footballer arrived in Campania in exchange for forty million euros and receives a very high salary of 4.5 million euros per season.

Lozano is a failure, Gattuso is unable to revive him and for this reason he is using strong ways.

Until now Lozano has not only been a lost bet but a genuine failure.

Due to its poor performance and coronavirus, the price of its tag has fallen below twenty million euros.

Selling it in the summer would mean generating an unacceptable loss.

This footballer must be recovered at all costs.

Ancelotti claimed him to replace Lorenzo Insigne (in fact last summer the captain of Napoli was in the process of moving to Liverpool).

Then came peace between Lorenzinho and De Laurentiis during a meeting in Capri and Lozano found himself closed by at least three forwards.

Then when Ancelotti launched him into the fray he disappointed in an incredible way. From that moment on he never recovered.

Napoli has been regenerated by the Gattuso cure but the Mexican striker continues to disappoint both on the pitch and in training.

And if you don't train well with Gattuso, you don't even see the bench.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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