Gattuso-Bakayoko, clarification has arrived after the dispute during Milan-Bologna

Gattuso-Bakayoko, è arrivato il chiarimento dopo la lite durante Milan-Bologna

Gattuso-Bakayoko, clarification has arrived after the dispute during Milan-Bologna. Photos ANSA / MATTEO BAZZI

MILAN – There was a clarification between Rino Gattuso and Tiemoué Bakayoko , after the squab on the bench during Milan-Bologna, as filtered by the Rossoneri club. The French coach and midfielder spoke before the training this morning at Milanello, in the presence of the leaders Leonardo and Paolo Maldini.

Now, stressed by Milan, for all the concentration is maximum to better prepare for Saturday's match against Fiorentina.

Gattuso-Bakayoko, necessary clarification after the sparks during Milan-Bologna.

"I do not accept you let me pass for a player who refused to enter the field when the coach asked him and did not respect his club and his teammates." So on Twitter, Tiemoué Bakayoko, a few hours after last night's Milan-Bologna match, in which the Frenchman had a squabble with coach Gattuso. "I have never refused to enter," Bakayoko wrote, framed yesterday while insulting Gattuso: "he addressed me with terms I did not expect and I was just repeating his words."

"I have been talking about myself in the press for a few weeks, but I decided not to say anything and to work. On the other hand, what happened this evening and the interpretation you're trying to give forces me to react immediately, "Bakayoko wrote in a long message in French published in the night on Twitter.

"I do not accept that I pass for a player who has refused to enter the field – he continues – when the coach asked him and did not respect his club and his teammates. Because starting from the bench I was ready to give myself 200%, even if I had played 5 minutes ".

"When Lucas (Biglia, editor's note) started to have pain on the pitch – it's the player's version, who arrived in Milan on a loan with a right of redemption from Chelsea in the summer – I was asked to get ready in case there was a replacement. So I prepared immediately and warmed up for 2-3 minutes at most. Then I was asked to return to the bench. Everything happens between the 23rd and the 26th. When I sit on the bench the coach speaks to me in unexpected terms and I just repeat his words. Nothing more. Let me be clear: I have never refused to come into play or go warm. It seems to me that the images speak for themselves. I had only one desire, to enter the field and help my companions as I have always done and how I will do until the end of the season. Go Milan".

Milan back in the running for the Champions League thanks to the 2-1 victory over Bologna but must face the umpteenth case of a turbulent locker room. Between Bakayoko and Gattuso fly big words on the bench when Biglia – who leaves San Siro on crutches – asks for the change at 26 ′ and the Frenchman, probably annoyed by the bench, refuses to enter immediately and asks for more time to warm up.

Gattuso is furious but at the end of the game tries to dampen the controversy, even if the look betrays the anger towards the behavior of the midfielder, with whom tomorrow morning there will probably be a comparison to the resumption of training in Milan: "It's our business, he put us a little more to warm up and I chose Mauri – says the Rossoneri coach -. I waited 8 minutes, he had not yet put on his shin pad but ended up there. It also happened to me to send a coach to that country. They can tell me everything, send me to that country but we must not disrespect the locker room. I want to close it in the locker room and speak my language, one that cannot be used on TV. We will all hear what we tell each other. Now let's think about victory and not waste energy on other things. After the derby we have combined enough: the quarrel between Kessie and Biglia, Acerbi's shirt. We must give priority to Milan, to those who pay us, to the fans and not to the ego. We will give the votes at the end of the season, we will see who behaved well and badly ".

Gattuso still believes in the Champions League: "It's an important victory, we are three points from fourth place. We knew of the difficulties for the moment not very bright, we knew that there was to suffer. In the players there was so much anger towards me for the tough decision to keep them away from families, I wanted to see the same rage on the pitch and in this respect the team was able to fight ”.

Sinisa Mihajlovic is instead angry both for the negative result and for the two expulsions in the final: "We did a great race, in the first half we deserved to go ahead – explains the Bologna coach -. When you do not take advantage of the opportunities, you will sooner or later pay and we have scored goals. We managed to shorten the distances, but then there were some successes in the field. A sorry defeat, especially for the two reds because in the next game we play most of the season. This makes me more angry. "

"We could have scored, Donnarumma was good but the performance was there – concludes Mihajlovic -. The championship is not over yet and everyone is needed. Why nervousness? The team wanted to win, they tried until the end ".
Source Ansa.

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