Gattuso and the others: apart from Napoli, all the big names change the coach, from Allegri down

Gattuso and the others: apart from Napoli, all the greats change the coach, from Allegri down

Gattuso and the others: apart from Napoli, all the greats change the coach, from Allegri down

ROME – "Deciding to leave the Milan bench is not easy. But it's a decision I had to make. " This was said by the now former Milan coach, Gennaro Gattuso, to "There was not a precise moment in which I matured it explains – it was the sum of these eighteen months as coach of a team that for me will never be like the others. Months that I lived with great passion, unforgettable months. Mine is a suffered but considered choice ". Gattuso also announces to renounce the two-year contract. "Yes, because my story with Milan can never be a question of money."

Rino and the others . From Allegri on down, except for Ancelotti who seems to have taken from the right De Laurentis at Napoli, all the benches of the big Serie A, for one reason or another, will change tenant next year. Gasperini, Spalletti, precisely Gattuso, Ranieri, Simone Inzaghi, will change address.

Gattuso, with appreciable elegance, has given up another two-year contract: radio market says he did it because without the Champions the Rossoneri will continue the austerity policy, will not buy big players, reduce growth expectations. That no one told him that he would not be the next coach, as Gattuso himself claims, was perhaps only a matter of time.

Closed the Allegri cycle at Juventus . Scrolling down the final standings, obviously the Juventus-Allegri divorce stands out, matured a bit blatantly a month after the painful elimination from the Champions: the Tuscan coach leaves the winner anyway, but without being able to convince the former Nedved flag, strong man of the Juventus leadership, to be able to improve the quality of the game since the team is difficult to improve.

Will Gasperini give up the Champions League with Atalanta? Said of Napoli that continues to spin with love and in agreement with Ancelotti, the incredible Atalanta who arrives in the Champions League as a good third-place winner is not sure she will be able to hold back the true architect of the Bergamo exploit. Mr. Gasperini has a formidable, perhaps the last, chance of landing in a great team, Roma is waiting with apprehension. He should give up a Champions League for a Europa league, give up a role for Ferguson in a city at his feet: radio market bets that yes, perhaps reluctantly, he will give up.

Inter, Spalletti gives the Champions to Conte . He has not yet received the letter of exemption Spalletti, but it is the coach himself who says that if he were confirmed he would understand he was on "Scherzi a parte". The designated successor Conte reads every day which players, what form, what training systems he will adopt next season at Inter, after his name has been associated with all the rickety but valuable benches around Europe.

Rome: after Conte's rejection, all about Gasperini . Illusions from the Champions League semi-final last year, the Giallorossi closed a season to forget in sixth place. Di Francesco was exonerated, the team was entrusted to the coach / fan Ranieri, but with a very definite time contract. Pallotta dreamed of Conte but could not supply him with the raw material (champions or level players already prepared): he will have to content himself, so to speak, with the Gasperini game. As long as he says yes.

Lazio: Simone Inzaghi listens to the black and white sirens . Young, prepared, flexible: Simone Inzaghi is ready for the big jump, at Juve they would be ready to give him the lead of the most powerful car in Serie A, also to get concave in front of the convexity of a Cristiano Ronaldo. But the competition is fierce. Milan is waiting at the window. He, Inzaghi, for the moment does not sign the renewal, but getting rid of Lotito will not be a walk. (source Agi)

The Gattuso article and the others: apart from Napoli, all the big names change the coach, from Allegri down it seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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