Gasperini talks about the coronavirus: “I will never forget the sirens in the silence of Bergamo”

BERGAMO – The Atalanta Gasperini coach was interviewed by the Guardian to relive the dramatic moments of the coronavirus in Bergamo .

The Guardian decided to interview him because the Nerazzurri coach is highly regarded in England for his team's splendid journey in the Champions League .

At the same time, he was interviewed because he is the coach of the team in one of the cities most affected by the coronavirus .

"I will never forget the sirens in the center of Bergamo ".

Over two months after the explosion of the coronavirus epidemic , Gianpiero Gasperini relives the dramatic moments.

"When we returned from Valencia, after playing the second leg of the Champions League round of 16, we had the impression of finding ourselves in a war-torn country," says coach Atalanta in a long interview with the Guardian.

Everything happened so quickly , in a few days: we didn't know what could happen anymore.

I remember that when we arrived in Valencia , we found a city in celebration, with people in the streets, while in Bergamo there was already talk of a critical situation .

In 48 hours we went from euphoria to fear ”.

Atalanta are having an extraordinary season.

The Bergamo team is fourth in the championship, plus three against Roma with a race to recover.

This positioning would allow her to play also the next edition of the Champions League.

Not only that, in the top European club competition it qualified in the quarterfinals after eliminating Valencia easily (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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