Gasperini-Roma, this is what the coach wants to sign with the Giallorossi

Gasperini-Roma, ecco cosa vuole il tecnico per firmare con i giallorossi

Gasperini-Roma, this is what the coach wants to sign with the Giallorossi. Photo ANSA / PAOLO MAGNI

ROME – After the refusal of Antonio Conte, who is disputed between Juventus and Inter, Roma put Gasperini in pole position. The Atalanta technician is happy with Rome's interest but is willing to sign only under certain conditions. Gasperini wants a project, so he asks for a contract at least for three years in order to shape the team in his image and likeness. To start he wants to bring two players from Atalanta, the striker Duvan Zapata, who should take the place of the departing Edin Dzeko, and Castagne, a very flexible midfielder who can be employed in different areas of the field.

Gasperini wants a three-year and wide decision-making powers on the transfer market.

These purchases would not be enough to get the yes of the current Atalanta technician. The Gasp also asked a goalkeeper, making the names of Cragno and Sirigu, and other reinforcements in the midfield, they really like Barella del Cagliari.

For the rest, the current Atalanta coach would be happy to find Trigoria Cristante, a midfielder who exploded just as he was coached by him in Bergamo. Gasperini asked for confirmation from Manolas.

In the event of the Greek's departure, the current Atalanta coach would like a purchase between Mancini, a footballer who trains in Bergamo, and Armando Izzo, a central defender who made his mark with the Torino shirt.

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