Gabriel Agbonlahor furious with Di Matteo: “That’s why I will hate him forever”

BIRMINGHAM (ENGLAND) – Gabriel Agbonlahor with his leg stretched out on his former coach Roberto Di Matteo during an interview on the YouTube channel " Threesixtytv".

Gabriel Agbonlahor, who is a living legend of Aston Villa , explains the reasons that led him to hate the former Lazio football player.

The former Aston Villa captain did not like Di Matteo's behavior towards Stilijan Petrov.

In March 2012 Petrov was diagnosed with leukemia, from which he recovered.

In May 2013, Petrov announced his retirement from competitive activity.

In summer 2016, Petrov returned to training with his club, but was not offered a contract.

Gabriel Agbonlahor hates Di Matteo for this reason, for the low sensitivity he has shown towards Petrov.

According to Gabriel Agbonlahor, Di Matteo should have offered him a contract, even if token …

The statements made by the former Aston Villa footballer are reported by

“I will hate him for the rest of my life for what he has done.

Any other manager with a single pinch of heart would have given him a coin deal.

Imagine returning from that terrible disease, you got in shape, you come back, you run like all 19 year olds in a pre-season and you don't want to give me anything?

I told Di Matteo: 'What are you doing? You can not…'

If I ever see Di Matteo again, I will blame him again. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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