Funeral of Gattuso’s sister, Insigne and the other Napoli players wanted to participate: that’s why they couldn’t go

NAPLES – Upon hearing the sad news of the death of his sister Francesca, Gattuso immediately set off on his journey to reach Calabria.

According to what reported by "", the Napoli players wanted to follow him to attend his sister's funeral in bulk.

Eventually they had to give up on the precautionary obligations imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The season of Napoli will begin before that of many other teams and with the semi-finals of the Italian Cup at the gates it is preferable not to risk it.

In any case, the will of Insigne and his companions is yet another demonstration of how much Gattuso has entered the heart of his players.

The former AC Milan coach thanked his boys for their closeness and will return to Naples and travel immediately after the celebration of his sister 's funeral.

The Neapolitans are expected from a busy season finale.

In the championship they are late but still have more than ten games to attempt the assault on the area that guarantees the qualification for the European cups.

In the Italian Cup I am one step away from the final in Rome as they hit San Siro in the first leg.

In the Champions League, they have to dispute the return of the round of 16 after the 1-1 of San Paolo against Barcelona.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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