Frosinone, five fans arrested: they robbed rolex at Ounas del Napoli

Frosinone, arrestati cinque tifosi per aver rapinato il giocatore del Napoli Ounas

All the joy of Adam Ounas after the goal scored during the match of the Italian Serie A soccer championship between Napoli and Frosinone (photo Ansa)

FROSINONE – Five Frosinone supporters have been arrested for the facts related to the last league match between the ciociari and Napoli. The five fans were arrested because they were held responsible for the robbery of the rolex against the Napoli football player Adam Ounas .

Frosinone, robbed Adam Ounas of the backpack and the rolex: arrested fans.

They robbed the Napoli player Adam Ounas of the backpack and watch at the end of the Frosinone-Napoli match played at the 'Benito Stirpe' on 28 April last. This morning the Digos agents of Frosinone, with the collaboration of the capital's counterpart, arrested five Ciociaria fans, held responsible for the aggravated robbery perpetrated against the Algerian player with French citizenship.

For the 5, belonging to some organized groups of the "Canarian" supporters, arrests were arranged. The investigations made it possible to reconstruct what happened that evening in the car park reserved for companies: the footballer Adam Ounas, still wearing the Napoli uniform, left the sports facility to greet some relatives and friends.

Here, however, he is intercepted by fans who, regardless of the presence of surveillance cameras and law enforcement, attacked him and robbed him by tearing off his backpack. The player escaping from his attackers fell to the ground and suffered minor knee injuries.

The investigations developed by Digos, through the analysis of the videos of the Scientific and of the video surveillance system of the city, allowed to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the fact. In order to have further evidence of the first investigative results, searches were carried out in the last few days in the homes of the five fans, and these allowed the recovery of the clothes worn during the robbery. The five arrested were also notified of the Daspo provision. (source AGI).

The Frosinone article , five supporters arrested: they were robbed of Ounas del Napoli rolex and it seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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