From Cnr and University of Pisa, here is the algorithm for predicting football accidents

From Cnr and University of Pisa, here is the algorithm for predicting football accidents

From Cnr and University of Pisa, here is the algorithm for predicting football accidents

ROME-Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are ready to enter the world of football for the first time: in fact, the first algorithm designed to predict sports injuries born from a collaboration project between the CNR, has arrived in the testing phase. the University of Pisa and Barcelona. This innovative system, through the monitoring of the training phases, would in fact be able to foresee with a high degree of precision one of the currently most unpredictable aspects of the sports world.

The algorithm for preventing injuries

The system designed by the University of Pisa and Cnr is based, as mentioned, on machine learning and AI and provides a constant assessment of the effort made by each individual athlete during training, during which different parameters are taken into consideration. as metabolic power, accelerations, decelerations and distance traveled. The sum of these parameters is then processed by a complex algorithm that, analyzing the data, provides the coach and the technicians with a percentage of injury risk, promptly reported by this system called "Injury Forecaster". According to one of its creators, the IA system would then be able to unveil one of the least predictable aspects of football.

Injury Forecaster works through the application of special sensors to the harnesses of the athletes and can constantly send data to the artificial intelligence that, through their combination, would be able to anticipate an imminent accident with a success rate of over 50%.

Accidents in the world of football

There are different types of injuries present in a sport such as football: the most frequent are the bruises and traumas, normal in a sport that provides an almost continuous contact between athletes. In second place are the injuries of a muscular nature, from the slightest such as fatigue to tears, followed by sprains and ligament injuries, much more serious and that can affect the career of the player in a permanent way.

According to experts, the type of injury can also vary depending on the degree of professionalism of the athlete. In fact, muscular problems tend to hit amateurs more frequently due to inconsistent workouts that result in excessive or wrong straining of the muscles. Traumas and distortions, however, seem to be slightly more common among professionals, even if they do not fail to present themselves even for amateurs.

Accident prevention

If you are a professional or semi-professional footballer, there are essentially two ways to stay safe: prevention and insurance. As much as you always hope you do not need it, there are now different insurance policies that prevent the risks caused by possible injuries and that allow you to obtain a quote directly online .

Prevention is still better than cure: there are exercises that help to reduce the risk of injury and must be completed before each workout. An excellent heating to prevent injuries is essentially divided into three moments: running with exercises (such as the sprint), exercises for muscular control such as plank and running with exercises performed with greater intensity.

Injuries are very dangerous risks for any football player: the prospect that they can be anticipated, therefore, gives hope to those who love this sport.

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