Franco Lauro died of a heart attack, last week he underwent a cardiological examination for chest pain

ROME – Franco Lauro died of a heart attack at 58 years of age. According to reports from the Gazzetta dello Sport, the sports journalist had suffered chest pains already last week .

For this reason, Lauro had undergone a cardiological examination but had started working again because the doctors had reassured him.

The last time he went on video was during the sports news on Rai News on Easter day .

Franco Lauro was remembered fondly by all his colleagues, in particular by Ivan Zazzaroni during the last episode of " Storie Italiane ", a television program that airs on Rai 1.

“The death of Franco Lauro? It's one of those deaths that manage to surprise you . Yesterday when I got the news I hardly believed it, I don't know, perhaps because Franco belonged to something else.

He was precise, he was sober I worked many years with him – he added -. He was preparing a lot for his work.

He always managed to do what he believed in while remaining in his own.

I amused a fact, I always saw him on Sunday morning, we met again at lunch, he always had at least two hundred newspapers, he had to be prepared, he had to get informed, he had to know what was happening ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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