Francesco Totti, if the legend of Rome does not know the date of the derby

Francesco Totti, se la leggenda della Roma non sa la data del derby

Francesco Totti, if the legend of Rome does not know the date of the derby (Ansa)

ROME – The title is obviously provocative, Francesco Totti knows very well what is the date of the derby with Lazio. However, its gaffe on social media does a certain effect. It is impressive to see the legend of Rome , er pupone, number 10, write to Dzeko: "Double Sunday?" . The response of the Bosnian striker was: "Better Saturday checco". In fact, the derby is played Saturday night, at 8.30pm.

See Totti who forgets that the derby is played on Saturday and not on Sunday, is something that goes against the way that the Romans (sti) to follow football. For them, the derby is a sacred event . In August, when the Serie A calendars come out, the first thing Romanists and Lazio see are the 2 dates of the derby. Printed dates, fixed in mind, indelible. And there is no marriage, confirmation, communion (funeral?) That takes place. Whatever happens, the derby must be seen, in fact it must be lived. And Totti derby has lived many, so his gaffe is even more striking.

Obviously the Giallorossi legend knows very well when playing the derby, his was just a forgetfulness from social. In Totti the Romans (and others) forgive everything, even not remembering the early Saturday derby. Just read the comments below, one on top of all: "I think Saturday gives it to you twice. Put back those ca ** o de scarpini. At the last your double shot I was going to die, love me ". Then there are those who wrote to him: "You do not care anymore. I miss you in the office if you ever see ".

Evidently, however, Totti stay away from Rome (and Rome) hurts. Even just a white week, as in this case, can make you lose that "football warmth" that has always distinguished the life of the former champion of the Giallorossi. In the long run it could turn out to be a deleterious thing: think about it , do not remember the derby is something that is forgiven only once, and not at all.

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