Francesco Salerno scores in reverse as Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese gives him a shirt with dedication

MANTUA – Does the new Cristiano Ronaldo play with the Governolese ?

Francesco Salerno is a 2000 forward who moved from his Torre Annunziata to Mantua to seek his fortune in the world of football.

The Governolese , a company of excellence near Mantua , has decided to focus on him and the Campania striker has repaid them with a Cristiano Ronaldo net .

The pictures are clear, you can see the video from YouTube at the bottom of the article.

His network has become so viral on social networks as to reach the attention of Ronaldo himself .

The Portuguese champion scored an identical goal against Juventus in a now famous Champions League match overwhelmed by the blancos.

Thanks to this goal, Ronaldo has earned the applause of the Stadium fans and a future in black and white.

As said, this splendid goal has been seen, thanks to social networks, also by Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese champion was amazed because the net is truly identical to his so he decided to make a surprise gesture.

The former Real Madrid striker, who is now working for Juventus, has sent his autographed shirt with dedication to Salerno.

On the shirt it says: "For Francesco, great goal" (YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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