Francesco Rocca: “Zaniolo got hurt for incompetence”. He stopped because of an injury badly treated

Francesco Rocca: “Nicolò Zaniolo had to be managed better”. He stopped because of an injury badly treated.

Francesco Rocca, coach and former Roma player, spoke about Zaniolo's injury during an interview with Gianluca Lengua for Il Messaggero.

Rocca is an expert on these types of injuries because he hung up his boots precisely because of a badly treated injury when he was just over 20 years old.

“First of all, I wish him good luck hoping that he can return to live the joy of his 20 years. I understood the seriousness of the episode when he put his hands in his hair because that gesture is synonymous with very strong pain like the detachment of the cruciate ligament, since he had already suffered it.

I don't go into the merits of what others do. I have a conception of the method based on scientific data and on personal experience that has always been aimed at not making what happened to me happen to others. In fact, in 30 years of profession I have never had an injured player.

Bad luck is an abstract concept. When one is unlucky it is the result of the ignorance and incompetence of those who handled the situation. And the damage is devastating.

It is a concept that I have been pursuing for 30 years. The strengthening of the quadriceps leads to an alteration of the balance ratio between the ligaments and the power of the quadriceps itself.

Because if you increase the power of a muscle, theoretically it is necessary to strengthen the structures that support it, therefore, the ligaments and joint capsules.

Since this does not happen, the risk is that the long-game upgrade could damage the structures ”(source Il Messaggero ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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