Francesca Manzini, the fake Ilary Blasi is looking for a job for Francesco Totti: “Anche par taim …”

Francesca Manzini, la finta Ilary Blasi cerca lavoro a Francesco Totti: "Anche par taim..."

Francesca Manzini, the fake Ilary Blasi seeks work from Francesco Totti: "Anche par taim …" (photo from the social networks)

ROME – Francesco Totti left Rome after a long militancy that had lasted since 1989. Francesca Manzini, a well-known actress and imitator at RDS, Mediaset Italia and Rai 2, took the ball for a social curtain that is becoming popular on Facebook and on Instagram.

  • Here Francesca Manzini imitating Simona Ventura.

Francesca Manzini disguised herself as Ilary Blasi and added the following caption to her post in Roman dialect: "Ciaone! my name is Ilary Blasi and I am looking for work par taim pe Francesco. The more you NO TAKE TIME ".

Immediately the suggestions fall in, Totti could turn to gastronomy even if his specialty in the kitchen is only a spoon (a clear reference to his famous penalties …). Or it could set up a garden even if its only interest is to go and buy some chalk to draw the half and side lines. The doors? You could take them home from Trigoria …

This social screen by Francesca Manzini has really convinced everyone (the video can be seen on her official Instagram profile), both Roma fans and those of other teams.

Totti is a delicate subject in the Capital, yet no Roma fan has criticized Ilary Blasi's imitation by Francesca Manzini, even though her Ilary spoke in a strong Roman dialect.

Evidently this linguistic forcing appealed to his followers who filled it with likes and who shared his imitation almost everywhere. His Ilary was also appreciated by the supporters of the other teams who, however, joked about the dialectic abilities of Francesco Totti's wife and those of the "Pupone".

To date the future of Francesco Totti is not yet clear. The former Roma manager received offers from Fiorentina, Sampdoria, Figc and Qatar but at the moment he has not yet made a decision.

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