France-Romania, new biscuit nightmare for Italy. All possible combinations

Francia-Romania, nuovo incubo biscotto per l'Italia. Tutte le combinazioni possibili

France-Romania, new biscuit nightmare for Italy. All possible combinations. Photo EPA / PETER POWELL

ROME – It was 2004 when the Italian national team was eliminated from the group stage of the European Championship due to the "biscuit" between Sweden and Denmark . Now, fifteen years later , our national team, even if in this case we are talking about the Under 21 , risks going out again from a European Championship for a "biscuit".

The defeat against Poland was fatal to Italy. The rules of this tournament did not allow false steps. The winners of the three rounds plus the best second among the three groups qualified for the semi-finals.

Italy ended its elimination round in second place and to enter the semi-finals it needs to do better than the second placed teams in the other two groups. Italy closed with six points and with a goal difference of more than three.

The group of the Azzurri was won by Spain . The Red Furies closed on equal points with Italy and Poland but won the group thanks to the better goal difference in the direct clashes that were equal between the three national teams.

As mentioned above, the biggest nightmare is that of a draw between France and Romania on Monday: with this result, already renamed by everyone as a "cookie" on social networks, they would both be 7 points and no second-ranked team could reach that quota, not even Italy.

Should one win between France and Romania, the goal difference of the teams in the running should be counted: Italy is currently at +3, France at +2 and Romania at + 5 (group C, but both would get worse with the defeat), Denmark and Austria to 0 (group B, they would improve by winning).

Still in Group B, Germany is finally at +7, but to slide to second place should suffer a very unlikely heavy defeat against Austria, with at least three goal difference.

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