Forza Nuova and ultrà demonstration at the Circus Maximus: one ultrà from Rome and one from Lazio arrested

ROME – The two arrested by Rome's Digos agents are an ultra from Rome and one from Lazio .

The two ultrà were stopped following the riots recorded during the event organized by Forza Nuova and by some extreme right ultràs at the Circus Maximus.

According to what he learns, they are accused of violence, injuries to public officials and throwing blunt objects.

Due to the throwing of objects, a law enforcement officer suffered minor bruises.

The note from the Democratic Party: "Rome humiliated by the violent".

“We are appalled by the direct reports and images from the Forza Nuova event at the Circus Maximus.

More violence in the heart of Rome by neo-fascist and ultrà groups, this time the anti-democratic anger is unleashed against the journalists to whom our closeness and solidarity goes. "

So in a note the Pd group of the Capitol.

"It is unacceptable to see Rome gold medalist in the resistance, city of peace – he adds – humiliated by the arrogance of those who only know the language of violence".

Daniele Ognibene (Free and Equal): "The real fascist march on Rome is today at the Circus Maximus".

“The real march on violent and fascist Rome is today in the Circus Maximus. This today is the logical consequence of the example given by Pappalardo, Meloni and Salvini who knowingly or unknowingly took to the streets on June 2 against everything and everyone ”.

So in a note the group leader LeU in the Lazio Regional Council Daniele Ognibene.

"Forza Nuova – he adds – has taken up the baton and is setting the center of Rome on fire.

It is time for the dens where Nazifascism is practiced.

At via Taranto 57 there is a pub that enjoys impunity.

It is not clear for what reason a brewery that displays Celtic crosses everywhere can continue its political activity.

Undoubtedly the law that prohibits any propaganda and reference to the apology of fascism must be applied – continues Ognibene – and what's more, in this place it is abusively occupied and ignoring every rule it also boasts a commercial activity.

Legality must be restored and it can no longer be seen that spaces are kept open to those who continue to propagate ideas that have left a mark of deep pain and indignation in our country.

The strategy of fascist tension is back – concludes Ognibene – and it is time for Salvini and Meloni to distance themselves from these violent ones and lower their tones and return to democratic dialogue "(source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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