Former player Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo casts shadows: “We couldn’t talk about the Mayorga case”

Ex calciatrice Juve getta ombre sul caso Mayorga e Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo and Kathryn Mayorga, the woman who accused him of rape

ROME – Petronella Ekroth , former Swedish Juventus female player, told of her experience in the Italian championship on the newspaper Expressen : "Strange things happened, for example we could not talk about the case of alleged rape of Cristiano Ronaldo against Kathryn Mayorga ".

The former bianconera, now back home, if on the one hand she extends her hand to her former company ("I understand why Juventus does it"), but on the other hand she casts shadows: "I experienced special moments, but my ideas on respect of people are different. I think that foreign women are not treated in the same way as Italian women ".

"It seemed a bit like I was in a prison," Ekroth added. There were situations where I sometimes wondered if I was at Candid Camera. I really couldn't do everything I wanted. You can show one side of the coin, but there is much more that remains hidden, the one that unfortunately cannot be talked about or shown and so on. You are very limited in so many things. Some you can do and others that aren't good. I felt like I could lose a little of myself. It has been difficult". (source EXPRESSEN)

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