Footballers in revolt, Mings speaks after the protests of Aguero and Rose: “Premier League only thinks about money, we are not listened to”

LONDON (ENGLAND) – "We players were the last to be heard".

After Aguero, Danny Rose and several others, Tyrone Mings's voice also rises .

The defender of Aston Villa and the English national team protested the way in which the Premier League has decided to restart.

The latest wave of checks on players and staff has not revealed other positivity, yesterday the British government gave the official ok to the resumption of sporting events from 1 June, provided that behind closed doors, and the Premier has already defined for the 17 the return to the field.

"We are just products of this game," Mings' tough stance in an interview with the Daily Mail.

"The recovery is determined 100 per cent for financial reasons rather than security and I think everyone knows how to see this."

Mings, like his other colleagues in the English league, says he is "ready to play because we have no other choice.

As players, we were the last to be consulted, we fell to the bottom of the priority ladder.

They gave us permission to go back to training, and now if the federation, the League, UEFA and all the bodies say that we are going to play again, do you think it really can make a difference what the players think or don't think?

At that point it is only a choice: inside or outside. " (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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