Football, Super League arriving in Europe: Juve, Milan, Inter and Rome among the top

Super Lega europea calcio: anche Juve e Milan tra le top

Football, Super League arriving in Europe: Juve, Milan, Inter and Rome among the top

ROME – Super League of European football coming: Juventus and Milan among the top, with the addition of Inter and Roma. If the European Super League becomes reality we will know it by November, according to the revelations of the German weekly Spiegel, in turn fueled by the revelations of Football Leaks.

Already in 2016 there was talk of a championship reserved for the richest and most powerful teams, without retrocessions, but with participations allowed only to a select few clubs. Currently, the idea of ​​the Super League seems to have a new impetus: according to a reserved statement that Real Madrid received only a few days ago, to establish the criteria of the championship will have to sign 16 top clubs. According to the document, the League would start operating in the 2021 season.

After two years of talks and negotiations with UEFA, led by Michael Gerlinger, the main legal advisor of FC Bayern, Barcelona director Raúl Sanllehí and Stefano Bertola of Juventus arrived in May 2018, when some members of the Big Seven they flew to Budapest for a meeting with senior UEFA officials. Four days later, Bayern Munich had sent an email signed by Rummenigge and his Juventus counterpart, Andrea Agnelli, summarizing the Budapest talks: "Not one of the expectations has been met".

According to Rummenigge and Agnelli, UEFA was obviously not able to come up with competent solutions. They argued that the best clubs, "unanimously recognized as the drivers of the system", were now faced with "global threats", making the further development of European competitions "not an option but a necessity". The two club representatives wrote that they would agree to stay in the Champions League, but under the following conditions:

– in the future the League should have included only 24 teams;
– the clubs that in the past have achieved great success, in the championship will have to be rewarded with further points;
– some European matches will have to be played on weekends and several games must be scheduled in convenient time slots for broadcasting in several world TV markets;
– clubs must be given the power to organize and control the competition together with UEFA.

What Rummenigge and Agnelli were asking for was nothing but a broad transfer of powers and revenues to top clubs. On the night of October 22nd, Real Madrid received an e-mail with the subject: "Draft of an agreement of the 16". It was addressed to club president Florentino Pérez. The message was forwarded by Key Capital Partners, based in Madrid, which advises companies that work on large projects.

A document was attached to the e-mail – the draft of a binding "preliminary contract" of 13 pages of 11 of the best European clubs for the establishment of a Super League. If everything proceeds according to the "binding preliminary contract", the Champions League will cease to exist starting from 2021. Instead, the 11 most important European clubs will separate from the UEFA and will establish the "European Super League". "The 11" founders "would not be at risk of relegation and would be guaranteed for 20 years. Five other clubs will be included as "initial guests", so the new league has 16 teams.

The project, says the document, is subject to maximum secrecy. According to the draft, the date for the signature of the 16 club representatives is set for November 2018, but the day was held open. The 11 clubs listed as "founders" of the European Super League – those who apparently will not have to face relegation – are Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Juventus, FC Chelsea, Arsenal, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Liverpool FC, AC Milan and Bayern Munich. According to the document, the five "initial guests" would be Atlético Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Olympique Marseille, Inter and Roma.

According to the document, the 11 founding clubs in Spain would register a company to market, organize and carry out the European Super League under its full control. The formula is practically all based on direct elimination (of 10 shifts, only one is divided into groups). The document also lists the possible shares of ownership that would be held by individual clubs in the joint European Super League, with Real Madrid holding 18.77%, Barcelona 17.11% and Manchester United 12.58 %. Bayern Munich would be the fourth largest shareholder with 8.29%.

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