Football in the time of the coronavirus changes the way of exulting and protesting

ROME – Football is returning all over the world, also in Italy.

Those who have already started again , like the Germans, celebrated like this:

Lee Jae-Sung, Korean Holstein Kiel midfielder who scored the first goal in the history of post-pandemic German football in the match against Regensburg valid for Bundesliga 2 (Germany's Serie B took to the field a few hours before the top league) in mid-May).

He celebrated by exchanging elbow touches with his companions avoiding close contacts.

His was a somewhat forced choice, in line with the provisions of the medical protocol followed by the German championship.

This document of 35 pages prohibits "hugs, handshakes and other types of contacts are not closely related to the game."

A respect for the rules that makes it almost grotesque to celebrate a goal and that not everyone has taken literally.

Indeed, Hertha Berlin players embraced each other while others like Borussia Dortmund players celebrated the victory (4-0 in the derby at Schalke 04) crossing the field and then going to jump and clap under the curve.

A silent audience of empty seats, yellow and black.

Football is back in Italy, everything you need to know.

In Italy a stop to exultation is not imposed by the protocol – so we will be able to see scenes of hugs on the pitch – but certainly protests stop:

to "talk" with the referees, in fact, the players must strictly respect the expected social distance of 1.5 meters.

Who knows that this is not the real revolution and at the same time the most tiring of the rules to be respected.

Only when the restart kick we can really say that we are returning to a semblance of normality.

Little is missing:

June 12 starts again with the Italian Cup, with Juventus-Milan.

A match that will see millions of Italians in a ball withdrawal crisis glued to the TV and which will obviously be broadcast in the clear on Rai1.

A strong signal, as explained also by Minister Spadafora who dictated the times (and in some ways also the modalities) of the restart.

An injection of confidence, of considerable psychological significance, which however will not mean erasing all that we have been through in recent months with a sponge.

And we will understand it immediately by seeing the players take the field (the visiting team enters first then the home team, while at the end of the first half and then the game the first visiting team will come out first), in a desolately empty stadium.

No accompaniment by children, no pets, no team photo, no pre-race ceremony with other people, no handshake.

Then the game, where it will obviously not be possible to keep the 'social distance' during the game but perhaps it will be done during the celebrations for a goal.

Maybe giving himself an elbow blow (source Agi).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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