Football during the coronavirus, here are the calendars of recovery in Europe

ROME – Some championships have started again , others are preparing to do so.

Football restarts in the phase of coexistence with the coronavirus.

The ball industry was also collapsing and for this reason it returned to the field despite the objective criticalities of a sport based on physical contact .

The first to start again were Germany and Far Oer (two weeks ago).

Shortly thereafter it was Estonia's turn, where three games had already been played).

Today the football championship also starts in the Czech Republic.

Shortly after, as reported by, it will be up to Denmark (starting on May 28), Serbia (May 30), Austria (June 2), Portugal (June 4), Slovenia (June 5), Croatia (June 6), Turkey (June 12), Norway (June 16), Russia (June 21), Finland (July 1), then Romania (May 27), Poland (May 29), Greece (June 6), Switzerland (June 20).

To this long appeal, Spain has joined in extremis .

The Spanish Liga will officially restart the week starting June 8th.

The first match should be the Seville derby on Friday 12 June.

France and Holland will not therefore divide among the important football nations, only Italy and England are missing .

The Italian Serie A and the English Premier League assume to restart on June 14th.

At the moment it is only a hypothesis because the respective governments have not yet collected the definitive yes of the scientists.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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