Football championship, two Italians out of three against the recovery

ROME – Two out of three Italians, 64% to be exact, are against the resumption of professional football leagues.

The prevailing motivation, for almost half of the opposition, is that playing would not be safe from a health point of view, while a third believes that it represents a sector like all the others and therefore access to tests and swabs should not be privileged.

This is what emerges from a survey conducted by IZI in collaboration with Comin & Partners.

In the same opinion there are those who declare themselves "very" or "quite" football fans, who represent almost 60% of the interviewees.

Also among these more than half (51%) are against the restart of the championships, albeit behind closed doors.

Only a third (36%) said they were in favor of the restart of championships.

Among these, half consider it a driving force of economic growth that is too important for the country.

To keep the championships going, then, for 26% it means preventing the crisis from inflicting a serious blow even on professional clubs.

However, only 19% of those in favor are concerned that a winner is awarded.

Finally, according to 4% of Italians, football behind closed doors is not real football.

To decide the fate of the championships in our country should be the government for 77% of Italians while for 15% the last word would be up to the FIGC and for the remaining 8% to the CONI.

Among football fans, 70% said that in the two months of the quarantine, they missed the matches very much or enough.

The desire for football, however, was not filled in any way by 44% of the fans, while 24% saw old games on television, 17% video on the net and 15% talked about it with friends on the phone or in chat . (Source: Comin & Partners)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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