Fognini: “Football wants to resume? They are crazy, they joke with people’s health “

ROME – Fabio Fognini lashes out against the world of football in an interview given to Gaia Piccardi for

"Want to resume playing football ? For me they are crazy. What about coronavirus deaths? ”.

Then Fognini added:

“For me they are crazy. Thousands of people died and they think about the ball

They joke with people's health , they just chase the business. What's the point of reopening without spectators? What is the meaning of empty San Siro? It doesn't exist, come on. "

During this interview with, Fognini also spoke about the stop of tennis for coronavirus .

"Well, right now I find it hard to imagine the recovery. I'm honest: I'm sorry because they are big tournaments and give so many points, but I don't know if I will return to Asia anymore.

Already at the Tokyo Olympics this year I would not have gone. My biggest fear is not taking the virus, but passing it on . I am no longer alone. I'm dad and husband.

Retire from tennis ? No. I'd like to quit when I 'm still competitive, on my terms.

I do not see myself from number 80-90 in the world to row in the challengers to move up the rankings.

I am number 11 in the ranking, it is true that I have a few ailments, however, I would still like to take away some whims: another Master 1000, maybe Rome, if it is a better Slam "(source Gaia Piccardi for

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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