Foggia in (s) sale for 1 euro, the Sannellas leave the helm

Foggia in (s)vendita a 1 euro, i Sannella lasciano il timone

Foggia in (s) sale for 1 euro, the Sannellas leave the helm

FOGGIA – Now it's official, the Foggia is on sale at the symbolic price of 1 euro. The Sannella made it official by publishing a press release on the official website of Foggia to put an end to the rumors and hypotheses that were circulating on social networks and the press. Below is the Foggia press release.

"In relation to the recently published press reports concerning the negotiations for the sale of Foggia Calcio, the Sannella Family, states the following.
As is known, in these four years we have made every effort, economic, moral and of commitment for the good of Foggia Calcio and the City, managing to give all the fans joys and satisfactions that were missing for some time.

The serious vicissitudes that have struck our family and the team, due to facts that are still far from ascertained or proven, have certainly influenced the sports results of the season just ended, culminating with a very painful relegation, made even more bitter by the paradoxical story of the suspension of the playouts, yet another injustice to the detriment of our passion.

In such a situation, the commitment required of our family has simply become too burdensome, and no longer sustainable, so as to make it necessary to implement all the appropriate actions for the transfer of ownership of the shares of Foggia Calcio.
In this sense, we confirm that for some time we have been mandating our reference law firm to search for potential buyers and to conduct the related negotiations.

We also confirm the existence of interested parties, and how the appropriate negotiations and analyzes for the sale of the company are currently underway.
However, as the conclusion of a negotiation can never be said to be certain until the actual completion of the agreements, and taking into account the need to register the Club by June 24th, we confirm in any case the full and absolute readiness to evaluate each further proposal concerning the acquisition of the company, with the sole condition that it is a serious and concrete project.

The purpose, for our part, is once again to allow Foggia to have a future in professional football, avoiding to frustrate the enormous efforts made over the years and the great passion of our family and of the wonderful Rossoneri fans, and for this reason we have accepted to sell Foggia Calcio at the symbolic price of 1 euro, despite the huge economic investments made over the last four years.

It was an honor and a privilege.

Fedele and Franco Sannella ”.

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