Florence, girl denounces Abdou Diakhaté: “He beat me by fracturing my jaw”. The reply: “He defended himself”

A 20 year old from Florence, denounced the attack suffered in a club by a Parma footballer, Abdou Diakhaté.

A 20-year-old girl from Florence, Samantha Luisa Duarte , reported that she was attacked by Abdou Diakhaté , a footballer from Parma and former Fiorentina, in a club in Florence and that she had not received help from those present.

The young woman posted a video on her Facebook profile in which she tells what would have happened in the club. The footballer would hit her with a punch and cause her to break her jaw. Samantha, who has undergone surgery and will have to undergo a second surgery, said she had decided to tell her story because she wants "justice". "I am forced to operate, eat baby food and do rehabilitation for months."

In the video she explains that the player "called her to speak, I went there to speak and he threw a punch at me ". And in front of the camera he also accuses the security guards of having "escorted the player to the car while nobody helped me, those who work in the club pretended nothing, they left me in a pool of blood".

A friend of hers would have helped her after the attack: “I want justice, it doesn't work that way. There is no way that a man can break the bones of a woman and instead of being rescued she is escorted to the car because he is a famous footballer ”.

The girl's lawyer: "Punched"

The girl's lawyer Francesco Di Luciano, contacted by Fanpage.it , confirmed that a complaint had been lodged on the episode that would take place on the night of 24 July last: “My client was there with friends, at some point she was called by this former footballer whom she knows because they went to school together. She came up and did not quite understand for some reason he punched her in the face by fracturing her jaw and blowing her teeth. "

On what happened, according to ANSA reports, from the club they let it be known that no security guard would have escorted the player out . The staff would accompany Diakhaté precisely because there had been problems and no one had initially realized the seriousness of the wound suffered by the young woman.

The footballer's lawyer: "He defended his girlfriend"

The footballer's lawyer, the lawyer Massimiliano Manzo, also spoke through Ansa . The "19 year old girlfriend of the footballer Abdou Diakhaté, was attacked and beaten by the 20 year old in September 2019". "For that assault she was reported and will be tried on October 1, 2020 by the Criminal Court of Florence," said the lawyer who then also provided her version of what happened in the Florence venue.

“On Friday 24 July, the footballer was in a club with his girlfriend Clara. The couple was approached threateningly by the other young man, "according to the lawyer. "Although she had been invited by the footballer to leave, she tried to attack the couple and hit the footballer in the head, who, dazed, defended herself instinctively by hitting the woman's face". Which “did not stop and continued to rant threateningly. It is therefore an obvious case of self-defense – said the lawyer – in which Abdou Diakhaté acted to defend himself and his fiancée ". (sources ANSA, FANPAGE)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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