Fiorentina unleashed on the market, officers Caceres and Dalbert. No of Pradè in De Paul and Pedro

Calciomercato Fiorentina Caceres De Paul Pedro Dalbert Pradè fa chiarezza

Caceres with the shirt of Juventus, is the last transfer of Fiorentina's transfer market (photo Ansa)

FLORENCE – Fiorentina unleashed on the transfer market. In the last hours, the purple club has completed the purchases of Dalbert (formerly Inter) and Caceres (formerly Juventus). The ds Pradé took stock of Fiorentina's transfer market, excluding purchases by De Paul of Udinese and Pedro del Chelsea. His statements were reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

"The ambition is to go straight to the top. Next year we will be competitive to go to Europe. I reiterate, however, that this year we are a team that is completely rebuilding. We changed everything. Even the young men inside our rose were out. We're becoming a team now. It is impossible not to have a year of transition. I don't want to put pressure on anyone, but it's clear that we have the ambition to achieve something positive. The defeat against Napoli is still burning but we take the positive from that game, which is a lot. If inside we will notice improvements to be made, next year we will focus on them. This also applies to the last days of the market. If there is a functional operation to do, we'll do it otherwise. The president gave us a free hand but with a sense ".

"At Simeon we do a big good luck because he is a great man and a great person. A new striker? We also have other solutions besides Vlahovic and Boateng. From the beginning of the market we reflected on the possibility of selling Simeone who wanted to go play. We will look around if there is a possibility, but if there are no possibilities we will not. We shared every word and every choice with Montella, also the possibility that Chiesa plays center-forward. Llorente would have been an important operation for us but would have closed Vlahovic. Boateng is a nine, even if false. If you change the form it is not a striker as a real tip. We do not miss goals because we have already made six goals between the Italian Cup and Serie A. It is not the year to worry. If this year Vlahovic makes fewer goals than we think it does not worry me, the same is true for the other strikers. I would be worried next year. "

"De Paul? He does not arrive, I doubt you immediately. It is not alive despite the excellent relationship with Pozzo. There is no possibility to take it ". "Pedro of Chelsea? We like it a lot but there are important costs to analyze. The cost, for now, is too high. We like so many players but we don't want to go and take away space from our players already in the squad. We want to see the young people we have grow "(source Il Corriere dello Sport).

The Florentine article unleashed on the market, officers Caceres and Dalbert. No of Pradè in De Paul and Pedro seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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