Fiorentina transfer market, Cutrone: this is how we got to the white smoke

Calciomercato Fiorentina, Cutrone: ecco come si è arrivati alla fumata bianca

Cutrone is the big blow to Fiorentina's transfer market for January (photo Ansa)

FLORENCE – Patrick Cutrone is returning to Italy. The under 21 national center forward is about to close an English experience that proved to be bankrupt. Last summer, Cutrone moved from Milan to Wolverhampton for 18 million euros. This is an important figure for our Serie A but for the Premier League they are small change.

So Cutrone was never taken into consideration by the Wolves as owner. The former AC Milan striker was used mainly in the Europa League, with the other second lines, and in Premier League game segments. So Cutrone has collected only 24 appearances with the miserable 3 goals. Really not much for one who at Milan had scored 27 goals and also made his debut in the National "A".

The young blue striker has decided to return to Italy to play continuously and to try to regain the national team's "A" shirt in view of the next European football championship. For Fiorentina, it was not easy to take it because the Wolves did not want to lose after investing well 18 million euros to bring it to England.

So the Viola raised their offer by convincing the English club with the formula of the loan with the right of redemption. The Viola will pay three million euros for the loan and pay the remaining fifteen next summer.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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