Fiorentina-Roma, madness at the Franks: a bolt was thrown on the pitch after Pellegrini’s goal

Fiorentina-Roma, follia al Franchi: lanciato un bullone in campo dopo gol Pellegrini

Fiorentina-Roma, the referee Orsato takes the bolt thrown by a purple fan after Pellegrini's goal off the pitch (freeze Sky Sports)

FLORENCE – Fiorentina have lost yet another game in a championship to forget and one of his fans has lost his head throwing a bolt on the field at the time of Pellegrini's third goal. Fortunately, it failed to hit anyone. Pellegrini had been hit in the head by an object thrown from the stands during the Europa League game won by Roma in Istanbul.

The referee Orsato di Schio picked up the bolt and handed it to his assistants on the sidelines. The episode will be reported on the federal prosecutor's report.

The match. Fiorentina have collected their fifth defeat in the last six league games and now Montella is one step away from exemption. The names of Iachini, Prandelli and Di Biagio are mentioned as possible substitutes. On the field there was no history, Roma won 4 to 1 at Franchi with a 60% ball possession.

The goals of the Giallorossi were made by Dzeko (on assist by Zaniolo), by Kolarov (on a free kick earned by Zaniolo), by Pellegrini (on assist by Dzeko) and by Zaniolo (on assist by Dzeko). This success allows Roma to move to a point from the third place occupied by Lazio. Not only that, Rome locks the fourth place going to six more on Cagliari and more seven on Atalanta.

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