Fiorentina-Roma 1-1 highlights and report cards, Florenzi replied to Veretout

Fiorentina-Roma 1-1 highlights, Florenzi ha risposto a Veretout

Fiorentina-Roma 1-1 highlights, Florenzi has replied to Veretout

FLORENCE, ARTEMIO FRANCHI STADIUM – Fiorentina-Roma 1-1, goal: Jordan Veretout on penalty 31 ', Alessandro Florenzi 85' . Second Saturday's advance of the Italian Serie A football championship.

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The Fiorentina-Rome 1-1 cards

Fiorentina-Rome 1-1. Fiorentina (4-3-3): Lafont 5.5; Milenkovic 6, Pezzella 6.5, Vitor Hugo 6, Biraghi 5.5; Benassi 6 (27 'st Dabo sv), Veretout 7, Gerson 6; Mirallas 5 (8 'St Edimilson Fernandes 6), Simeone 6 (33' st Pjaca sv), Church 6.5. (97 Dragowski, 33 Brancolini, 5 Ceccherini, 2 Laurini, 16 Hancko, 6 Norgaard, 21 Sottil, 28 Vlahovic). All. Pegs 6

Rome (4-2-3-1): Olsen 5; Florenzi 7, Fazio 5.5, Juan Jesus 5.5, Kolarov 6; The. Pellegrini 6, Nzonzi 6; Under 5 (28 'st Schick sv), Zaniolo 6 (22' St. Cristante 6), El Shaarawy 5.5 (10 'st Kluivert 5.5); Dzeko 5. (83 Mirante, 63 Fuzato, 18 Santon, 44 Manolas, 15 Marcano, 27 Pastor, 19 Coric). All. Di Francesco 5.5

Referee: Banti di Livorno 5.5 Goals: pt 32 'Veretout (penalty); st 40 'Florenzi Angles: 6-3 for Roma Recovery: 2', 4 'Ammoniti: Nzonzi, Fazio, Biraghi, Veretout, Vitor Hugo for foul play Var: 1 Spectators: 30590, € 566.818 recital (paying 9371, recital 294.814 subscribers 21,219, share 272,004)

*** THE GOALS: – 32 'pt: Under wrong backs for Olsen launching so Simeone, the Giallorossi goalkeeper comes out, contact with the purple striker, for Banti is a penalty and the Var after more than a minute validation. On the disk goes Veretout that is not wrong – 40 'st: Cross of Kolarov in the middle, sloppy Lafond short, collects Florenzi that poorly controlled by Pjaca has no problems to bag left by shooting at the near post.

The Fiorentina-Rome 1-1 highlights

90 'final whistle, one by one between Fiorentina and Rome. Florenzi has replied to Veretout.

85 'Roma draw. Kolarov's cross, Lafont's uncertain exit and Alessandro Florenzi's flight.

59 'Church shows up in front of Olsen and instead of kicking trying to pass it to Simeone but fails and Fiorentina wastes a sensational chance to score.

53 '- Sudden conclusion of Zaniolo and great parade of Lafont.

45 'end of the first half, Fiorentina ahead thanks to the penalty converted by Veretout. Roma have wasted three comfortable scoring opportunities with Dzeko, twice, and Stephan El Shaarawy.

31 'From the eleven meters he did not miss Jordan Veretout.

30 'The referee Banti has awarded a penalty to Fiorentina . After a wrong back-pass from Under, Simeone made contact with Olsen and then let himself go.

20 'Still Dzeko! Once again the Bosnian striker shoots high from a good position. A very bad start for Dzeko.

15 'Alessandro Splendenzi crosses the ball wide, but Federico Fazio heads the ball but does not find the mirror.

5 'Dzeko devours himself a goal. The Bosnian striker is put in front of the goal by Zaniolo but weakly and Lafont blocks his lob without problems.

1 'Fiorentina's first chance to score in the game. Gerson overcomes Nzonzi in dribbling but then kicks the stars with his left.

Fiorentina (4-3-3): Lafont; Milenkovic, Pezzella, Vitor Hugo, Biraghi; Benassi, Veretout, Gerson; Church, Simeon, Mirallas. Coach: Stefano Pioli
Rome (4-2-3-1): Olsen; Florenzi, Fazio, Juan Jesus, Kolarov; The. Pellegrini, Nzonzi; Under, Zaniolo, El Shaarawy; Dzeko. Coach: Eusebio Di Francesco

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