Fiorentina, Pradè: “Veretout has requested the sale. Church no … “

Fiorentina, Pradè: "Veretout ha chiesto la cessione. Chiesa no..."

Fiorentina, Pradè: “Veretout has requested the sale. Church no … "(Ansa)

FLORENCE – "Start with a 'thank you', it is a feeling I want to convey. I will be transparent and fair about any kind of situation ". This was stated by Fiorentina's new sports director Daniele Pradè, presented today in Florence.

"I like to keep my promises – he said, recalling his first adventure in purple, which began in 2012 -. When I left Fiorentina the whole team called me, one of the first phone calls was from Astori: I had taken him to Fiorentina, he thanked me. I promised him: David is serene, one day we will return together. Here is that day today ".

"Thanks to Joe – he continued – and to the President Commissioner who just saw me chose me. I want to start a long journey, together with Antognoni and Montella ”. "Thanks also to this city – he concluded -. And also from my family, who is happy to return to live in Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world ”.

" Veretout has asked to be sold, wants to increase its level of competitiveness. On the Church I can say that I will talk to him when he returns from vacation, I will explain to him what our project is and then we will sit down very honestly. There has not yet been any type of contact ". This was stated by Fiorentina's new manager Daniele Pradè.

"With Veretout we hope to find a solution. For him we don't want technical counterparts ”.
Pradè also spoke of Simeone: "He is a strong player we want to regenerate him. It is not part of the list of 60 "redundant players".

On the market Pradè said he had "a higher salary cap than in previous years, but right now we are in a difficult situation: the company has 75 contracts in place, of which about 60 are not functional to our project. It starts from a situation where it is necessary to streamline. But they didn't ask me for capital gains ". "It will be a difficult job, the first purchases we will make after August 10th" (source Ansa).

The Florentine article , Pradè: “Veretout has requested the transfer. Church no … " seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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