Fiorentina-Napoli, arm of Zielinski: VAR assigns rigor to the viola

Rigore Fiorentina Napoli var Zielinski braccio Castrovilli

The referee Massa consults the VAR and assigns the penalty kick to Fiorentina for this touch with the arm of Zielinski of Napoli

FLORENCE – The championship started under the VAR banner. In Parma-Juventus , the VAR helped referee Maresca to cancel the goal of two possible to zero to Cristiano Ronaldo, while in Fiorentina-Napoli, the VAR came to the aid of referee Massa to assign a penalty to the viola .

After six minutes of play, Zielinski prevented Castrovilli from touching the ball with his arm. The referee Massa had not noticed but was called to order from the VAR room.

At that point, referee Massa interrupted the game and started a long dialogue with his assistants who were in front of the monitors in the VAR room. This long talk convinced the referee Massa to go and review the action on the monitor of the VAR that was on the sideline.

Zielinski's arm, Massa gives rigor after consulting the VAR.

After reviewing the action from all angles, the referee Massa decided to assign the penalty kick to Fiorentina noticing the touch with Zielinski's arm on Castrovilli's knee play.

The decision of the referee sent Carlo Ancelotti, Zielinski and the other Napoli players who protested for a long time on a rampage but Massa did not want to listen to reasons and confirmed the eleven-meter shot in favor of the hosts.

Thus in the eighth minute Pulgar, who was rigorous even when he played in Bologna, came to the spot in front of Meret. The former Bologna midfielder scored kicking to the right of Meret who instead dived into the opposite side of the goal.

Pulgar's net burst with joy the Fiorentina fans present in the stands of the Artemio Franchi stadium in Florence and the new American property that was present in the forum of the authority of the viola stadium.

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