Fiorentina-Milan, doubts about the goal canceled by Ibrahimovic: arm was attached to the body

Fiorentina-Milan, dubbi sul gol annullato a Ibrahimovic: braccio era attaccato al corpo

Fiorentina-Milan, goal canceled by Ibrahimovic for this touch with the arm, which was attached to the body, involuntary (freeze frame Dazn)

FLORENCE – The first half of Fiorentina-Milan ended on the result of zero to zero but there are great doubts about the only great slow-motion episode of the match: the goal canceled by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. At 34 ', the Swede controlled a ball with his arm (which was still attached to the body), jumped opponents in the series and beat the goalkeeper by two steps.

At first, the referee had assigned the net to the Rossoneri, then canceled the goal with the help of the var. It's a rather controversial episode because the control with Ibrahimovic's arm seems really involuntary. Not surprisingly, AC Milan players have protested for a long time against this referee's decision.

Not only Ibrahimovic in Fiorentina-Milan, something absurd happened in Spal-Juventus.

Today is not a simple day for referees. A few hours earlier, something absurd had happened in Ferrara. The referee had not awarded the penalty to Spal, because for him it was not at normal speed, but he was invited by his assistants to go to the var. The monitor was broken, so the race director could not see the episode but instead of staying on his initial decision, he decided to assign the penalty to Spal on the indication of his assistants.

This conduct of hers has sent Sarri into a rage that he declared: “So what is he doing on the field if in the end his opinion is lower than that of his assistants who are in the var room? In practice, the game is arbitrated by them … ".

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