Fiorentina-Juventus, hand of Biraghi on De Sciglio’s cross: for VAR it is not a penalty

Fiorentina-Juventus, mano di Biraghi su cross di De Sciglio: per VAR non è rigore

Fiorentina-Juventus, hand of Biraghi on De Sciglio's cross: for VAR it is not a penalty

FLORENCE, ARTEMIO FRANCHI STADIUM – Juventus closed the first half ahead of Fiorentina and also protested a slow motion episode that we will explain below. At 24 ', Biraghi slipped in the Fiorentina penalty area to intercept a De Sciglio cross.

The Fiorentina player hit the ball with his hand and the referee Orsato wanted to see clearly and went to consult the var. After viewing the action in the monitor, Orsato decided not to assign the penalty to Juventus because he opted for the unwillingness of the touch of hand of Biraghi.

The key actions of the first half

31 'Juventus goal. A two between Dybala and Bentancur, the Uruguayan footballer gets rid of the shot and beats Lafont with a left of surgical precision.

24 'Episode of doubt in the penalty area of ​​Fiorentina. Hand of Biraghi on De Sciglio's cross. Orsato went to the var and decided to start from the corner of Juventus for involuntary touch.

20 'Fiorentina close to the goal. Chiellini's defensive blunder, Edmilson's touch and Szczesny's instinctive parade

Fiorentina (4-3-3): Lafont; Milenkovic, Pezzella, Vitor Hugo, Biraghi; Benassi, Veretout, Edimilson Fernandes; Gerson, Simeon, Church. All: Pegs

Juventus (4-3-1-2): Szczesny; Joao Cancelo, Bonucci, Chiellini, De Sciglio; Cuadrado, Bentancur, Matuidi; Dybala; Cristiano Ronaldo, Mandzukic. All: Merry

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