Fiorentina-Inter 3-3, highlights: Veretout equalized at 101 ‘on penalty. Spells of Muriel and Politano

YouTube, Fiorentina-Inter 3-3: highlights

Fiorentina-Inter, Perisic's goal on penalty

FLORENCE – A spectacular match between Fiorentina and Inter . The race ended on the score of 3-3 with many arbitration decisions with the help of the var. Fiorentina immediately took the lead with an own goal by de Vrij who beat his goalkeeper in an attempt to anticipate Simeone. The network was validated after using the var that verified the starting position of Fiorentina players. Shortly thereafter, Inter drew with Vecino and also in this case the var was used to clarify the position of the Inter midfielder at the time of the goal. The game was stopped for three minutes and then the referee validated the network.

Inter took the lead at the end of the first half with a great shot by Politano who then exulted at Icardi and took Perisic's reproach. In the second half, the var awarded Inter a penalty for a hand of Fernandes and Perisic made it. Shortly thereafter, the technology canceled a Biraghi goal because the action was tainted by a foul by Muriel. Fiorentina has shortened the distances with a goal Muriel's masterpiece on a free kick. When it seemed all over, here is yet another intervention of the var to assign a penalty to Fiorentina for a touch with the arm of D'Ambrosio on the cross of the Church. After a long interruption, Veretout showed up from eleven meters and did not make a mistake setting the final score 3-3 at 101 '.

Fiorentina-Inter 3-3, the highlights and decisions of the var

Var assigns a penalty to Fiorentina for this touch of D'Ambrosio on a cross from Chiesa and Veretout is not wrong at 101 '

The goal scored by Luis Muriel on a free kick

The goal of Biraghi canceled by the var for Muriel's foul

Var assigns penalty by the hand of Fernandes and Perisic scores from eleven meters

Politano goals and exultation at the Icardi

The goal of Vecino validated by the var

The de Vrij own goal on Simeon's touch validated by the var

A Fiorentina fan insults Brozovic

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