Fiorentina-Inter 3-3 between the controversy: 13 minutes of recovery and a lot of VAR

Fiorentina-Inter 3-3 tra le polemiche: 13 minuti di recupero e tantissimo VAR

Fiorentina-Inter 3-3 between the controversy: 13 minutes of recovery and a lot of VAR

FLORENCE – Serie A Sunday ended with an absurd match between Fiorentina and Inter. It would not be enough a book to tell everything that happened to the Franks of Florence. The VAR has so severed the game that in the second half ended in the controversy after a good 13 minutes of recovery with Fiorentina who scored the equalizer goal, on a penalty, at 101 '.

Fiorentina-Inter, the var in the first half

Ready away and it is immediately var! The referee Abisso went to the monitor to check the position of the players purple after Fiorentina had gone ahead after twenty seconds of play with the own goal by de Vrij. The restart of the viola immediately surprised Inter and both Chiesa and Simeone were in a regular position. Not even the time to take a breath that is again var! Vecino took advantage of a sleep in the defense of Fiorentina and drew in a regular position. The first fraction of the game ended with Inter overtaking with a spell of Politano at 40 '(of his polemic exultation we'll talk soon …). His left ended the race under the intersection of the poles leaving no escape to Lafont.

Fiorentina-Inter, the var in the second half

After seven minutes of second time, the var comes back. The technology has uncovered a hand ball by Fernandes and has awarded a penalty to Inter. From eleven meters he did not miss Perisic. In the second half, Fiorentina had shortened the distance with Biraghi but the referee Abyss, with the umpteenth use of the var, canceled the net because the action was flawed by a foul by Muriel. At 74 ', Fiorentina really shortens the distance with a goal masterpiece on a free kick by Muriel. Finished here? Not a chance! Accomplices all these interruptions, the referee gives seven minutes of recovery.

At the fifth minute of recovery, the var takes the scene once again. Abyss wants to see clearly on a touch of D'Ambrosio on a church cross. The images do not fully clarify what happened. Some give the impression of a handball, others exonerate the full-back Inter by showing a contact with the chest. After a long reflection, the referee assigned the penalty to Fiorentina and Veretout equalized the score at 101 'displacing Handanovic. Another two minutes of recovery and finally the final whistle arrives at 113 'after thirteen minutes of recovery. The game ends with the protests of Inter and Spalletti players shouting at the scandal because, in their opinion, D'Ambrosio had touched the ball with his chest and not with his arm.

Politano's polemic exultation

If the var had not taken the game, there would have been a long talk about Politano's exultation. The Inter footballer, after scoring a network of film libraries, has decided to cheer at the Icardi with the classic gesture of the ears. Perisic immediately realized this gesture and beat the young teammate.

Fiorentina-Inter, local fan insults Brozovic

In addition to the var, and Politano's polemical exultation, there was a shameful gesture on the part of a fan of Fiorentina who was caught by the social media and bitterly criticized on Twitter. The Fiorentina fan has repeatedly insulted Brozovic at the time of a corner kick in favor of Inter (video at the end of the article).

Fiorentina-Inter 3-3, the highlights and decisions of the var

Var assigns a penalty to Fiorentina for this touch of D'Ambrosio on a cross from Chiesa and Veretout is not wrong at 101 '

The goal scored by Luis Muriel on a free kick

The goal of Biraghi canceled by the var for Muriel's foul

Var assigns penalty by the hand of Fernandes and Perisic scores from eleven meters

Politano goals and exultation at the Icardi

The goal of Vecino validated by the var

The de Vrij own goal on Simeon's touch validated by the var

A Fiorentina fan insults Brozovic

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