Fiorentina-Genoa, Criscito missed a penalty: it had never happened

Fiorentina-Genoa, Criscito ha sbagliato un rigore: non era mai successo

Fiorentina-Genoa, Mimmo Criscito in the photo Ansa. Before today, he was infallible on penalties

FLORENCE – Mimmo Criscito (was) infallible from the disk. Before Fiorentina-Genoa, the rossoblù player had scored all thirteen of the penalty kicks he had pulled. Criscito had scored 7 penalties with the shirt of Zenit Saint Petersburg, in Russia, and 6 penalties with the uniform of Genoa. Today, he could score his 14th consecutive penalty but he was hypnotized by Fiorentina's Dragowski.

Fiorentina-Genoa, this is how Dragowski "hypnotized" Criscito.

The purple goalkeeper touched the crossbar, then touched the two posts. This his behavior, before the penalty kick, irritated Criscito who went from the spot less serene than usual. It was clearly visible from his face.

So the rossoblù flag has kicked centrally, interpreting the gestures of the purple goalkeeper as his will to dive into one of the two sides of the door. Indeed, Dragowski threw himself to his left but without pushing too hard, so he managed to push back with his feet the central, and therefore not winning, conclusion of the Genoa player.

Dragowski's parade was very important because it kept the result from zero to zero. In the event of a goal, Mimmo Criscito would bring his team to the advantage in a balanced game from the start.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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