Fiorentina, fans with “Gasperini one of us” t-shirts. The Atalanta coach: “Teasing ok, insults no”

Fiorentina, tifosi con maglietta "Gasperini uno di noi". Il tecnico dell'Atalanta: "Sfottò ok, insulti no"

The Fiorentina fans teased him, a purple shirt with the words "Gasperini one of us" on it. The Atalanta technician showed it during the interview with Sky Sport (still image)

FLORENCE – More sparks between the Atalanta Gasperini coach and Fiorentina fans. After his declarations on the Church, defined in the past as a "simulator", every time he returns to Florence he is booed, insulted and contested by the home fans. Today the Atalanta coach was teased with a Fiorentina shirt with the words "Gasperini one of us" written on it. His statements to Sky Sport are reported by

Fiorentina-Atalanta, Gasperini: "Today there were some nice teases".

“Today are 3 very important points, this is a difficult field. You haven't won for 27 years for a reason. The game was complicated and we also found ourselves at a disadvantage. All in all we have done more, deserving the victory. Sometimes it's not easy to play well, you have to consider your opponent's strength. They were very dangerous on the counterattacks.

The irony of the fans? Relaxing messages have had their effect. There were some nice teases (he laughs showing the shirt "Gasperini one of us" ed). In the past, perhaps it was exaggerated, in the limit of things, irony is fine. Now I hope that Florence will come back to support its team with strength, caring less about the opponents.


"Broken taboo? Florence is a historically difficult field. We started well, then went at a disadvantage with a shot that surprised Gollini. From there the game became more difficult because Fiorentina played in the spaces. We were good because we continued to play our game. For what we have done, the result, albeit small, is there.

It's the team that won the game, not me. Gomez has a double face, he can play in two different ways: he can be a midfielder and a striker.

Zapata? So that's fine. In the first half he seemed in trouble, then he grew up. It's been a long time, it takes patience. For us it is an important offensive terminal.

The purple fan shirt with the words 'Gasperini one of us'? I hadn't seen it, a nice irony. If they give you a piece of m …, there is also ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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