Filippo Magnini, 4 years of disqualification for doping: “I like Cr7 are an example”

Filippo Magnini, 4 anni di squalifica per doping: "Io come Cr7 sono un esempio"

Filippo Magnini, 4 years of disqualification for doping: "I like Cr7 are an example"

ROME – Four years of disqualification for Filippo Magnini . This was established by the National Anti-Doping Court of Nado Italia (TNA) against the former blue swimming champion, on trial for alleged use or attempted use of doping substances (Article 2.2 of the Wada Code).

The prosecution had asked for eight years to stop. The disqualification of Magnini is effective from today, November 6, 2018, and will be extinguished – except for any review on appeal – November 5, 2022. The sentence issued by TNA is related to the violation of Article 2.2 (use or attempted use of doping substances) of the Wada anti-doping sports regulations.

The charges relating to articles 2.8 and 2.9 fall instead, those relating to the aiding and the administration or attempted administration of doping substances. The same sentence is touched to former national teammate Michael Santucci, also disqualified for 4 years starting today. With Magnini, present the lawyers Stincardini and Compagna, in addition to his girlfriend Giorgia Palmas.

The former blue swimmer, did not hide his anger: "It 'a sentence that was already written and that's why I'm pissed off black. Prosecutor Laviani told me at trial by banging his fists on the table: 'Stop, now it's a personal matter'. Let's talk about a fury, a forcing. There is no evidence, indeed the evidence shows the opposite. We will certainly appeal ".

Still referring to the Nado-Italy Anti-Doping Prosecutor, Pierfilippo Laviani, Magnini added: "To think that a prosecutor, who has been given full power, can act with these words without any repercussion, I was the Coni I would be very angry. In ordinary justice there could not be. This is a very serious thing ".

And he quotes Cr7. "I do mine, because I see myself a lot, a very important and beautiful sentence by Cristiano Ronaldo about the allegations of rape that have been addressed to him. He said 'I am an example in sport' and I am also ", he is keen to specify. In the context of the Pesaro investigation, Magnini pays at the level of sport justice past visits to the nutritionist Guido Porcellini, sentenced by the National Anti-Doping Court of Nado Italy to 30 years of inhibition. In the criminal trial, however, the position of Magnini has been archived.

To those who asked him how it could happen, Magnini replied: "I thought of everything, that my movement 'I'm doping free' may have bothered someone, that I could be a pawn to hit someone more important".

"There are strong points: Magnini and Santucci have never doped – added Magnini – all our checks are in place, it turns out that we have never asked, nor paid for substances. My name has never been done, but what are we talking about? ".

"Maybe it's all a scheme – the former blue swimmer replies – even if I wonder why. It is not a prejudice, but a persecution. I'm pissed off because I was 100% sure today that something would have given us. "

For its part, Federnuoto expressed "trust in the bodies responsible for preventing, fighting and prosecuting doping. The judicial process involving Filippo Magnini and Michele Santucci expressed only the first verdict and could continue. Therefore, Federnuoto asks for the utmost respect towards the athletes, hoping that they will be able to demonstrate their extraneousness to the situation in further locations ".

Federnuoto also recalls how "Magnini has been, during his extraordinary career, an example for the whole movement, as well as a symbol of Italian sport and of the fight against doping".

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