Filipe Luis presentation at Flamengo, a red light VIDEO starts to a journalist

Filipe Luis video luci rosse YouTube

Filipe Luis smiles after listening to the red light video (from YouTube)

RIO DE JANEIRO – After fifteen years of triumphs in Europe, Filipe Luis has decided to return to playing in Brazil in the ranks of Flamengo . His return home was long awaited and the Flamengo press room was packed in every order. Too bad his press conference was "ruined" by an unexpected event that no one would have expected.

While a journalist was asking him a question, a red light video started at full blast. After listening to him, Filipe Luis burst out laughing like all the others present in the press room at that time.

Who did it? There are two versions. The first says that the video was accidentally activated on the smartphone of a journalist who was present in the press room at that time. The second states that it was activated by a smartphone from a Flamengo staff member who had just received it on Whatsapp.

During his career, he won a Spanish championship (2014), a King's Cup (2013), an English championship (2015), an English League Cup (2015), two Europa League (2012, 2018) and two UEFA Super Cups (2010 and 2012). With Brazil he won the 2013 Confederations Cup and the 2019 America's Cup.

He has two other passports besides the Brazilian one: the Polish one and the Italian one. Filipe Luís' grandparents come from Italy (two grandmothers), from Austria (the maternal grandfather) and from Poland (the paternal grandfather).  

He made his debut with the Brazilian national team against Venezuela on October 14, 2009 in a match valid for qualifying for the 2010 soccer world championship. Called up but never used for the 2013 Confederations Cup, however, he plays for the Copa América 2015.

He is called up for the Copa América Centenario in the United States.  

The video from YouTube with the unexpected red light that has "animated" the presentation press conference of Filipe Luis at Flamengo (source Wikipedia).

The Filipe Luis Article at Flamengo article , a journalist starts with a red-light audio VIDEO appears to be the first on Blitz daily .

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