Federal inspectors: “Racist Buu in Kean only after his provocative exultation”. Only fine for Cagliari

Moise Kean avrebbe ricevuto i buu razzisti solamente dopo la sua esultanza polemica. Lo dicono gli ispettori federali (foto Ansa)

Moise Kean would have received the racist buu only after his polemical exultation. Federal inspectors say (photo Ansa)

CAGLIARI – They were few and reacted to a "provocative" gesture. This is a summary of what the federal inspectors wrote after the match between Cagliari and Juventus. According to the report of the federal inspectors, the racist buu would have been addressed to Kean only after its provocative exultation and therefore they would be only a reaction, albeit wrong, to the censurable behavior of the Juventus attacker. According to this report, published in the Gazzetta dello Sport pages in an article written by Alessandro Catapano, the racists would have been sung by about fifty fans. Being a small number, Cagliari does not risk closing the curve but they should only get away with a fine.

Racist Buu in Kean, the world of football takes the side of the blue millennial.

"Although we are divided and different in our destiny nothing else must divide us. I condemn racism in any form and place for ALWAYS ": Mario Balotelli , with a post published on his profile Instagram wanted to show his solidarity with Moise Kean, targeted by the good racists of Cagliari fans.

"You can't be Italian and racist at the same time." The stance is taken by Mino Raiola , the agent of Moise Kean, a rising star of Italian football who has been attacked by the good racists of Cagliari fans.
"I am with Kean and Blaise", Matuidi, a player who protested more than the others for the choirs. "For me racism is synonymous with ignorance. No one can or should justify it. I'm proud of my boys and I'm with them until the end.

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