Faustino Asprilla and the anecdote about Crespo: “He hadn’t made love for six months and so …”

ROME – Interviewed by Carlos Valderrama, Faustino Aprilla told an anecdote about Hernan Crespo at the time of Parma:

“The first few months people massacred him, he couldn't silence them. He was desperate, so (Gustavo) Mascardi – his agent – called me and said: The boy is afraid, can you go talk to him?

So when I saw him I asked him a question: How long have you been making love? He replied: Six months.

I had a Colombian friend, so I introduced her to her and they started going out together, making love and from then on she never stopped scoring. The problem was that he didn't make love. "

Asprilla: "Once a white fennel refused me because I'm black." Furious Luxuria

Faustino Asprilla , ex Parma striker of the 90s, was the protagonist of a direct Instagram with Fabio Cannavaro .

The two played together with Parma, and during the long chat they told funny anecdotes, however slipping on an episode of homophobia.

The Colombian tells of when he was at the famous Milanese nightclub in Hollywood, in the company of the footballer Massimo Crippa:

“We had drunk champagne, tequila, everything. We were a little drunk.

At a traffic light there was a white fennel, who dressed as a woman. I approach: 'Come, how much does it cost to spend the night with you?', That replies 'It costs nothing because I don't like black people'.

I get out of the car: 'What did you say piece of mda?', And he 'No, I hate black people'. He runs away and I behind that fennel.

Massimo was afraid that the police would catch us. I wanted to beat him, I had also taken off my belt but that ran faster than I did ".

A story that has not escaped Vladimir Luxuria who on Twitter underlines:

“In a direct Fabio Cannavaro laughs heartily in listening to the ex footballer Faustino Asprilla to tell that, drunk, feeling rejected for the color of his skin in Milan by a" fennel dressed as a woman ", he took off his belt to chase and beat her. Is this sport? ". (source INSTAGRAM).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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